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Hello JCI Michigan Wolfpack!

I was honored to have been elected your 95th president elect at our Conference in Detroit! I am very excited to start that presidential journey with all of you. Before we can take that next step together we must finish the foundation we are building this year!
There is still plenty of time left for us to make this already amazing year one of the absolute best we have ever had! Growth as statewide organization is at our fingertips! Your membership retention is speaking volumes about the value you are offering your members.
Let’s use everything we have learned to go after our goals 4th quarter! It is time to share this organization with everyone you know. Which leads me to my…
Membership Tips!
Recruiting members
1. Ask people to join and pay! If you ask they might join! If you never ask they will likely never join.
2. Get rejected – Go out there and try your elevator pitch on some real potentials. Don’t fear possible rejection this will help you grow and still share our mission even if you don’t recruit them.
3. Get ready to be told no. People will challenge ideas that are new to them. They have already allocated their time and resources. We have to be ready to show them how JCI fits their lives.
4. Even if someone says no it doesn’t mean they are not a useful resource and still might be a future potential member. I was offered the opportunity to join 3 times before I said yes. Best choice I ever made!
5. Focus on getting a potential member to come with you to an event. You have the best chance of showcasing what we do if you are actually present at an event with a potential. A picture may be worth a thousand words. What is a real life experience worth?
6. Be persistent and honest. People have said we are the best kept secret. We actually do change peoples lives! We really are the best organization in the world for 21 to 40 year olds! Let’s share our impact with the world. If you keep trying you will be successful!
7. Plan a recruiting event with your chapter. Work as a team to brainstorm ideas and see what is possible. Working as team team you will be more successful!
Thanks for all that you do!
You all ROCKED it out in 3rd quarter! You kicked butt at recruiting all of our new members! Our challenge for October is to get those new members active! We have a 2 part challenge for October. We want you to host a fall social for your members.. Then we want you to send them a personal thank you. This can be a phone call, text, snail mail.. just let your members know they are appreciated. If you personally were invited to a social.. thank the member that invited you. It’s nice to know we are all appreciated!


  • Shout out to all our current DD’s. You are working hard and making a difference.
  • Thanks for making an amazing conference happen Dan!
  • Congrats Central Woodward on all your fun programming


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