‘Tis the season for sharing…

Hey Wolfpack,

I really appreciate all the support our marketing initiatives have received this year! You’ve stuck with me as I created a different way to get our news out through the Michigander and website, as we held external marketing campaigns, created silly, and important videos (MORE TO COME!), developed a strong social presence on Instagram and Youtube, created a marketing toolkit through One Team One Drive complete with custom flyers and ready to use materials.

I’m asking you to join me and support one final marketing initiative. We’ve got one more campaign coming to social media, and I simply need one thing from you – Click Share. We have a few things coming out, all I need you to do is be One Team and help us share!

A you have seen, we have been challenged by JCI USA to meet growth for 2019.  ENTER #OPERATIONPIEFACE:  For every member past growth we renew or recruit, we get to Pie 2020 DNP Jay Johnson in the face. If we get up 20, we get to pie incoming JCI USA President Justin Wutzke.

So President Steve -O and have have a few tricks up our sleeve to make this happen.

Our organization is a huge benefit to the state of Michigan. We are behind great community programming, outreach, projects, and trainings. There is a a video coming out to social media today to ask the entire State of Michigan to look around for people that could benefit from a membership with us. We do not want anyone left behind or unaware of all the possibilities JCI Michigan offers.

So when you see this video, all I need is from each of you is ONE CLICK to share it.

We are also hosting a telethon Saturday, December 14th for members and general public  to call in, ask questions, join the organization, and watch some silly programming for a few hours. Be on the lookout for this – we promise to entertain you.


Read below for challenge info:

Message from President Steve:

Here’s the skinny with some details about what we need to make this happen:

We need 223 new or renewed members by December 30th at 6pm CST.

We have 178 Still up for renewal in 4th quarter.

If they all renewed we would only need 45 new to start slingin’ pies!

Likely that number will be closer to 100 because for reasons I don’t understand members sometimes leave. (don’t be that person)

This is a crazy goal, but you are the best, hardest working One Team ever. Let’s get crazy and start throwing Pies at Jay Johnson’s (and Justin Wutzke’s) FACE at February conference!

It’s time to look over the rosters. Check and see if there are members that dropped by accident in the first 3 quarters get them renewed. Let’s use up the presidential sponsorships! Let’s share our goal with every high office in the land! Let’s rage on our extension efforts! Let’s make it happen One Team!!! Let’s achieve the One Dream!!! We are doing this!!

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