Trimester 1 Submissions

Jeri Behrmann, 2020 Programming Vice President

The Programming Team is very excited to see what projects, trainings, and other fun events your chapters were involved in so far in 2020.

The end of Trimester 1 was Sunday, April 12, which means anything your chapters have done from January 1 to April 12 can be submitted for review and possible recognition.

The Chapter Submissions will be due on Friday, April 17 at 10:00 pm. These submissions include Civic Leadership Certification (CLC), Chapter Plan, Single Project Entry (SPE), and Chapter of the Trimester.

The Chapter Plan, Single Project Entry (SPE), and Chapter of the Trimester will all be uploaded and submitted directly through the JCI Michigan Submission Portal.

For Civic Leadership Certification, chapters will need to answer “yes you are submitting for CLC”, then upload the filled out 2020 CLC T1 Submission Form. Next, the chapter will need to upload the substantiation in the Document Library > Programming, Recognition, & Competitions > CLC – Civic Leadership Certification. Within that folder, there is a folder for T1 substantiation with a folder for each chapter to upload the substantiation.

Please reference the 2020 Programming & Recognition Handbook, trainings, CLC, and chapter plan resources for detailed information in the document library.

If you have any questions, please contact Programming Vice President Jeri Behrmann at [email protected].

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