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Announcing our new name and logo!

Big News! In response to changes in the international organization of the Jaycees (Junior Chamber) the State organization adopted the Junior Chamber International (JCI) corporate title to align our branding with JCI USA and JCI. The corporate identity change reflects the organization’s long standing broad reach and commitment as a civic engagement and leadership organization.

Global Leadership of Active Citizens


JCI members are all active citizens who believe that the answers to community challenges will only be achieved when individuals from all sectors of society collaborate and actively participate in creating sustainable solutions to improve their communities and create a better world. As we work toward achieving our long-term goal of being the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact, JCI members serve as leaders in their communities, embodying the tagline “Global Leadership of Active Citizens.”

In the next few months you will see a transition of Michigan Jaycees corporate identity to a co-branding with JCI Michigan. It is the goal to give our Local Organizations ample time to update any documentation that includes the state organization name; established Local Organizations are not required to transition their corporate identity at this time.

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About JCI Michigan:

The Junior Chamber Advantage. The Junior Chamber is a people-building organization. Jaycees find they have a definite advantage in life because of their involvement in activities and events. High community visibility, establishing rewarding friendships and professional contacts, participating in major community affairs, and the gratification of servicing humanity, are just a few of the member benefits.

The Leadership Edge. When it comes to leadership, Junior Chamber gives you a special edge. Grooming leaders is one of the things this organization does best. It is impossible to be affiliated with Junior Chamber and not be, in some way, a leader. Anywhere you look, you are bound to see Junior Chamber members in positions of influence. Junior Chamber provides outstanding leaders on a global scale. Job candidates with leadership experience and training are in demand. Employees demonstrating leadership qualities are natural candidates for promotion.



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