What Do You Care About?


Last year during recruitment training the then, Membership Director of the Kalamazoo Jaycees Carol Zombro, posed a simple question.  “What do you care about?”  At the time this question was discussed as a recruitment strategy.  While her preternatural recruitment ability continues to elude me this question has made a lasting impression. 

I personally believe that the most valuable and powerful advantage to be acquired as a JCI member is the opportunity to gain personal  confidence, improve skills, and the support necessary to affect positive change in our neighborhoods, cities, states and beyond.  It is a question I not only ask potential and new members but myself on a regular basis. 

I have had both the privilege of bringing to life a project that brought a great deal of joy not only to those it served but those that were involved in the project as well. 

Home Away From Home, which for the past two years has provided a day of celebration and entertainment for hospitalized children and their families at Bronson Children’s has been an amazing experience for many reasons.  The most valuable of which was the opportunity to make a difference in a way that has incredibly personal meaning.

Thanks to the encouragement and support of many members of the Kalamazoo Jaycees that experience has instilled not only the skills but confidence to bring new ideas to life in the future.   Most importantly this question has inspired me to find out what others care about and use that as a catalyst to create more and lasting positive change for the future.

So, I ask you, what do you care about?  Think about it then go out and make it happen!

– Monica Valdes, JCI Kalamazoo Member


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