What is a Senatorship?

In the US and Canada, a Senatorship is an award to a member for going above and beyond; putting in an extreme amount of time and support to a chapter, etc. Outside of North America, people can actually purchase their own Senatorship! In fact, the ‘honor’ originally started as a fundraiser for JCI since a Senatorship ultimately comes from JCI. Now, it is generally recognized as an award.

From the US JCI Senate page:

A JCI Senatorship is the highest honor which can be bestowed upon a current or past member by Junior Chamber International for outstanding service to the organization. It provides a unique means for recognizing a member’s outstanding achievements, and also confers upon that individual a “Life Membership” in Junior Chamber International, although this status does not exempt a member from paying regular membership dues.

A JCI Senatorship may be given to any local Junior Chamber member in appreciation of services rendered at any level of the organization, and is subject to the approval of the local, state, and national Presidents. Current local members must have a minimum of five years of membership before they may be nominated for a JCI Senatorship.

The application forms must be completed, approved, and signed by the local Junior Chamber President, then forwarded to your state JCI President and US JCI President for their signatures, before it can then be submitted to Junior Chamber International along with full payment of the application fee. Applications are generally submitted via the local state JCI Senate. Before starting the application process, check in with your state JCI Senate to determine its specific process.

  1. All applications must be signed by the local Chapter President.
  2. All Applications must be signed by the State Jaycee President.
  3. The applicant must have a minimum of (5) five years as a Jaycee.
  4. A letter should be provided by the local chapter indicating why the applicant is deserving of a Senatorship and include an outline which describes the applicant’s accomplishments.
  5. The application should be accompanied by at least two (2) letters of recommendation from JCISenators from the applicants local (preferred) or district.
  6. All fees must be paid by check or money order from the chapter submitting the application. Separate checks are to be submitted as follows:


  • $300.00 – Payable to: Junior Chamber International
  • $75.00 – Payable to: U.S. Jaycees
  • Check in the appropriate amount to state JCI Senate. ($250 for Michigan life member or $50 for annual member). Once you receive a Senate Number from JCI (usually takes about 6-8 weeks), then send in the MI application.


NOTE: Each chapter has different qualifications for awarding a Senatorship as well (see your By-Laws) so please also check there. Michigan JCI Senate is a separate organization. Senators can be a member of the JCI/US JCI Senate only or also a member of Michigan JCI Senate (additional application and fees- see below). In order to be a member of both, applications must be submitted to US JCI Senate and MI JCI Senate. If a MI application is not submitted, your Senator will not be a MI JCI Senator and will only be considered US and JCI. They would not be eligible to participate in MI JCI Senator benefits and would be treated like a regular Jaycee.


US JCI Senate Application:



MI JCI Senate Application:



For more info:





Upcoming MI JCI Senate events 


Sept. 7, 2019 General Meeting 3pm at Conference

Nov. 2, 2019, Jeans and Jewels Gala for Scholarships, St. Mary’s Cultural Center

Jan. 11, 2020, Post- Holiday Party, Crystal Gardens, Southfield



If you have any questions, please contact Sam McCormick, Senate Liaison, or myself:

Nina Perko-Badeen

47th MI JCI Senate President

[email protected]


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