When something is worth doing, it’s worth doing

When something is worth doing it’s worth doing. Period. It may be helpful to also do it right, but let’s not let that overshadow the fact that it is worth doing in the first place.

We need to take action! That is the first step. Much like a movie may have many takes before perfecting a shot, so can life! It is how we learn. A child learning to walk will fall many times before learning fully how to walk. Learning new skills as an adult is no different! We need to take action towards our dreams! Don’t wait for perfection.

That’s why I am so grateful for JCI Michigan. Grateful that we value learning and growing. Grateful that we provide opportunities to create positive change! Grateful that we have over 1000 members all leading through “doing”. All the while making Michigan stronger by being young active citizens!

Thank you JCI Michigan for all that you do!

Steve Fappas

95th JCI Michigan President

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