February Edition

Here’s what’s new and exciting from the Membership team right now.

1. Your membership team is working hard to create membership tools for chapters that are at or below 20 members.

2. We are also compiling a great toolkit for extending new chapters and looking at communities that used to have active chapters as a starting point. If you have a suggestion on an area that would benefit from a chapter please let us know.

3. We are looking forward to seeing you at conference and sharing some training and a lot of excitement with you.


  • Thank you Rochester for all of your support! ~FAJC
  • Congratulations on your engagement Jamie and Jenny! ~ Jaymi
  • Shout out to Sarah Fappas. Way to kick cancers behind! ~ Steve
  • Congrats Cheboygan, Livonia, Allegan, Kalamazoo, and Clare on gaining new members in January! ~Wolfpack

Starting this month the Wolfpack will be putting out challenges. These challenges are meant to help you have fun and in the process grow, activate or retain members.

This months WolfPack challenge is called SHARE THE LOVE. Often at times we are so focused on our own chapters and membership that we don’t think about other chapters across the state.
Who do you know that would make a fantastic Jaycee in another chapter? Perhaps you have a cousin in Mt. Pleasant or a co-worker that moved to Ludington. Introduce them to a chapter near them.
All you have to do is share the names of the your prospects with the Membership team at [email protected] Awards and recognition will be given to individuals who help another chapter grow this month! The person that recruits the most members for other chapters this month will win a free entry into a Wolfpack social.

So get out there and Share the Love.

Recruiting new chapter members isn’t only the job of your Membership VP. Everyone in your chapter is responsible for helping.

There are three parts to recruiting a member and not many people are skilled in all three (nor should they be). Good thing is we are a Wolfpack and working together we can all achieve success!  Now that you know which one you are it’s time to start identifying who in your chapter has one of the other two skill levels. The three of you can work as a team to bring those new members in.