Hello to the most amazing Wolfpack!!!

Thanks for being amazing JCI Michigan!
We have some great things happening all over the state! From cool statewide events like Rock the Boat, to fun socials all across the state, to district events. I am amazed by the dedication the members from this awesome state have shown. Keep it up! Chapters are crushing their membership goals and this makes me so proud!
Here's what we are expecting to do:
Crush our 2nd Quarter growth goal and get the job done!
If you need help we will all be working together to get there just let us know what you need! Watch for posts from the Membership team on JCIMI Post it Here!
Membership Tips for new members!
The passport to leadership program available on Jaycee Member is one of the best ways to get new members on the right track initially. It is a pathway to continually activate new members and lead them on a path towards leadership.
The NMO is a great idea for new members. Especially if new members and existing members are attending. Get them to share (survey/ introduction question) what they would like to participate in while at the NMO. Have current members pair up with new members.
Ask new members for their ideas at the NMO. See if your chapter is running any of those types of events and personally promote them to the new member.

See if new members will join an experienced member on a committee. (Think easier projects or social/networking events) tell them their skills would be valuable on a specific upcoming project.

If they are young professionals think of fun ways to promote their business. Maybe showcase one each month for free on your website of Facebook page or even do a cash mob at their business.
Let one new member a month promote their business for 5 minutes at each GMM.
Buddy system. Pair new recruits with seasoned Jaycees. The seasoned member should reach out to their buddy or buddies once a week/month or before key events.
Try to have a presenter or presentation at your NMO/GMM. Showcase the value of the organization. Share your upcoming events, share committee opportunities. Share social events. Have a speaker share how the Jaycees impacted them. Share community involvement events.
At the end of the day if you have your members personally inviting new members out and really trying to get to know people you will have success keeping active members in your chapter!



  • Shout out to the Ann Arbor Jaycees and Lisa Bradley for straight up Rockin it with Membership!
  • Shout out to Dan Jacobson and Jessica Haynes for letting us be a part of 1B1K and giving Sarah and I a cool Medal! ~ Steve-O
  • Shout out to Emily Nock and Jessica Kling for coming to hang out with JCI Michigan at WEB!
  • Shout out to John Badeen for busting his balls and putting on some top notch hospitality for WEB volunteers!

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