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Frequently asked questions

What is JCI?

We are a membership-driven global network of dedicated young leaders, ages 18 to 40. Active in more than 5000 locations across nearly 115 countries, JCI (Junior Chamber International) takes its members on a leadership journey, providing an environment for them to develop their true potential through four types of actions – projects, events, trainings and programs.

How Do I Join?

Go to “Find a Local Chapter” and decide which chapter you are interested in. Reach out and attend one of their local meetings or events. Once you’re ready to join, new members must sign up through the JCI Michigan website. Each Local Organization (chapter) has a direct link, with information. When you sign up, you will be asked to pay dues via a PayPal account. The Local Organization will be notified and asked to accept you.

Isn't This Just Community Service?

No. Our members learn leadership development skills through organizing and running long-term projects that make meaningful changes to the world around them. We also provide training, skill building, and personal development. JCI opens the door to countless opportunities for friendships and partnerships across hundreds of industries.