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Who We Are

JCI Michigan provides leadership development opportunities for young people to create positive change. Organized in Local Organizations, we identify challenges in our communities and work to address them, developing ourselves along the way. Our members are part of an international network of young people, with more than 1500 chapters in almost 115 countries.

What We Do

We provide an environment for our members to develop their true potential through four types of actions - projects, events, trainings and programs.

Why We Do It

We are developing the next generation of leaders and providing them the skills necessary to change the world and find success - whatever that means for them.

2024 Executive Board

JCI has a "One Year to Lead" Philosophy. Our Board of Directors serves a 1-year term to allow members the opportunity to explore various leadership roles throughout their career. The Executive Board refers to those with voting roles. Additional Board of Director Members Include

  • Marie Boze – Deputy Finance Director
  • McKenna Grennan – Programming Director
  • Sandra Brinks – Programming Director
  • Brenna LaForge – Creative Director
  • Cory Rickett- Technology Director
  • Jessica Leverenz – Exec Presidential Assistant
  • Joannie Zelinski – Bookkeeper
  • Peter Behrmann – Primary Advisor
  • Brandon Diller – Productions Team
  • Jake Anderson – Productions Team
  • Troy Moore – Productions Team
  • Krista Graverson – Membership Director
  • Harrison Gunden – Membership Director
  • Joannie Zelinski – Audit Committee
  • Sarah Austin – Audit Committee
  • Jack McAllister – Audit Committee
  • Jeri Behrmann – Institutional Process Advisor
  • Brandy Lusk – Auxillary
  • Samantha Krotz – Auxillary
  • Chris Tomasik – Auxillary

Michelle McGrann

Immediate Past President

Carena Townsend

Chief of Staff

Emily Bush

Chief Operations Officer

Angela Rickett

Programming Vice President

Kayleigh Gratz

Membership Vice President

Kimmy Black

Finance Director

Eric LaForge

Legal Counsel

Cory Rickett

Comm and Tech Director

Jessica Anderson

Training Director

Jen Groom

Diversity Equity Inclusion Director

Linda LaNoue

District A Director

Amanda Wingelaar

District B Director

Tyler Roberts

District C Director

Beka Beresford