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 2024 Board of Directors Elections Info

Positions Available: President, Programming Vice-President, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Director, Membership Vice-President, District A Director, District B Director, and District C Director.

Formal Candidate Certification will begin on Saturday, July 1, 2023. Campaigning may not begin until July 22, 2023.

All positions will require a filing fee of $25 due at time of certification.

The finalized elections packet with application and campaign rules can be found under the Elections tab in the Document Library here!

2023 Annual Election Timeline:
● July 1, 2023 Certification/Credentialing Process Begins. No campaigning allowed.
● July 1, 2023 Chapters provided initial notice of outstanding balances.
● July 15, 2023 Chapters provided a second notice of outstanding balances.
● July 22, 2023 Campaigning may begin if and only if a Candidate has been notified by the Elections Committee that they are certified.

● Jul 23, 2023 Meet the Candidates at the Canopy in Grand Rapids
● July 26, 2023 Candidate profiles are due.
● July 31, 2023 Membership deadline for initial delegate determination.
● Aug 1, 2023 Nomination form due, if not turned in with the Certification form.
● Aug 5, 2023 Chapter Presidents will be emailed their delegate count (or reason for no delegates) by the Elections Committee.

● Aug 8, 2023 Special Election edition of Michigander will be published and made available on the JCI Michigan website.

● Aug 8, 2023 Deadline for Chapter Presidents to submit their list of delegate names with email
addresses AND deadline for candidates to submit elections paperwork.
● Aug 11, 2023 Electronic Ballots credentials will be sent to delegates and electronic voting will be open.

● Aug 23, 2023 Virtual Meet the Candidates at 7:00pm
● Aug 31, 2023 Final membership deadline for adding delegates.
● Sept 01, 2023 Chapter Presidents will be emailed if and only if their delegate count has changed since July 31, 2023.

● Sept 05, 2023 Electronic voting portal closes at 11:30 pm
● Sept 06, 2023 Final budget reports are due.
● Sept 06, 2023 Ballots results will be counted and certified by the Elections
Committee and reported to the current President of JCI Michigan.
● Sept 07, 2023 Results will be announced in a special LIVE broadcast, time TBA.
● Sept 30, 2023 Swearing in of elected candidates at the Fall Leadership Conference in Gaylord, MI.

● Oct. 01, 2023 2023 Appointments, Interest meeting and other items as determined by the 2023 officers.
● Nov. 11, 2023 Local Organization Training School (LOTS)