To progress on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, we must commit to change on every level, from the state organization to individual members. To foster this commitment, JCI-Michigan will structure training and learning opportunities to enable positive change in the field of DE&I. From solution-oriented board training to a Diversity Initiative Incubator for local chapters and members, we will provide our organization and members with the toolkit they need to make sustainable changes in policies, procedures, and norms.


To accurately assess our needs as an organization, we must know where we are currently. From a diversity focus on the state audit committee to a better understanding of our local chapters and members, we are committed to an end-to-end audit of the organization to set a strong foundation for a more diverse future.   


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion require a commitment to do better across the board. JCI-Michigan will recognize this commitment by integrating DE&I thinking into every aspect of our organization. The DE&I Director will work closely with the Board of Directors to motivate and advocate for implementing a sustainable DE&I strategy across our programming, membership initiatives, partnerships, events, norms, processes, and procedures. 


Robust and sustainable community partnerships already play a central role for many local organizations. These partnerships are rewarding but require experience to sustain. JCI-Michigan is committed to engaging with state-wide community partners to enhance the diversity of our partnerships, outreach, and impact. Engaging partners and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships at a state level will be a resource for local chapters to engage with a more diverse set of community partners in their communities and across the state.