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Skills development is the cornerstone of Junior Chamber International. Through our diverse training program, Local Organization Members are given the opportunity to expand their skills in area’s such as career development, professional writing, communications and technology, interpersonal communications, time management, and conflict resolution. At our Leadership Conferences Local Organization Members are also able to attend JCI specific training’s on chapter management. JCI Michigan also encourages Local Organization Members to share their skills with others and provides opportunities for training development.

JCI Michigan members are also able to access a wealth of training’s available from JCI USA and JCI. Interested in taking a JCI Official or Recommended Course? Checkout what’s available in Skills Development from JCI. Want to offer one of these courses in your chapter? Let the State Training Director know and they will work with you to get that setup.

Do you have questions about training opportunities within JCI Michigan?

You can connect with us at [email protected] to learn more!

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